I'm glad to announce that we have launched an escape room that targets IT people (developers, testers etc). So far it works well for one month and about 30 teams (3-4 people) have already enjoyed it.

Please yourself and pay us a visit! Basing on the reactions of other teams I can guarantee remarkable experience. You don't need to be a "hackerman" to complete the room, but if you are you will do so faster ;-). Teams can be mixed too (but at least one person with basic programming skills is rather required).

Room location & partnership with Let Me Out.

ul. Bernardyńska 4 (close to Galeria Dominikańska), IInd floor (map below)

Link to Google Maps

Book here: letmeout.pl (select Wrocław)

I'm the author and creator of the room but I'm not running the business. The company that operates the room is Let Me Out and has excellent portfolio of other escape rooms in lot of Polish cities and Brussels.

Room theme
It goes like this:
Another country is trying to become an atomic superpower through the development of nuclear weapons, which consequently results in the destabilization of the region and the escalation of the international conflict on an unprecedented scale. The world is on the verge of the outbreak of World War III. The only salvation is to infect the secret plantation of uranium treatment with a computer virus. Will a group of programmers be able to prevent nuclear war in 90 minutes?

I received some suggestions that the room itself should be marketed as "an ordinary escape room with extra IT riddles". And this is actually what I wanted to build. Not to give a desk, PC and Jira for the players, but give them a nice mix of good background story with many different IT riddles.
Solve the riddles while saving the world! :-)

Easter Egg
In the room there are some easter eggs. One of them will let you listen to some famous song. The code is what comes out of `1900 + 80 + 9` and you need to properly enter it. You'll know where once you're there ;)

Room name
Funny fact about the name: it incorporates four things:
  • Hex, as a reference to hexadecimal numbers (you'll see some of them ;-)
  • Hex, as a uranium industry jargon name for Uranium Hexafluoride
  • Exit, related to Escape word
  • IT - information technology