I've just found an excellent way of spending an evening as a programmer - playing a game designed for software engineers :)

Since I discovered that site by an accident I think it is worth to mention it here so maybe you will also get interested. In the game you, in essence, solve various tasks to enable more "levels".

The only one drawback I can see is that only Python is supported (I'm Python enthusiast, but I know a lot of people that are more into Go, JavaScript etc.).

To give you a quick grasp without spoilers let me post here my solution for the very first (and very basic) task - FizzBuzz. This is the simplest one and can be quickly implemented, but I'm kind of a person that like to over-engineer.

return ''.join([['Fizz ', ''][(n%3)!=0], ['Buzz', ''][(n%5)!=0]]).strip() or str(n)

You think this is weird? Check out solution from nickie :)

return ("Fizz "*(1-n%3)+"Buzz "*(1-n%5))[:-1]or str(n)

Happy hacking!!