Code::dive conference is over. Emotions subsided. In this post I'd like to summarize this conference from my personal point of view.

There were a lot of extremely interesting talks about C++ and not only. Undoubtedly we had one C++ star on the board - Scott Meyers and I'm going to start with it.

Scott gave two talks CPU Caches and why you care and Support for embedded programming in C++11 and C++14. Both of them were meaningful from perspective of a modern C++ engineer. I encourage you to watch these videos!

Besides Scott we had our rising C++ stars from Poland: Andrzej Krzemieński and Bartosz Szurgot. Andrzej was talking about bugs in C++ applications. Bartek's talk was about common pitfalls that occur when we do threading in C++. These two talks were also very inspiring so go watch them as well ;)

I also gave a talk on this conference. My presentation was about Metaprogramming in C++ - from 70's to C++17. As other speaker said - the first time always sucks. And indeed it was my first performance in English. However people are saying that it went quite good so if you have time to waste you can go watch my presentation ;). For the record, slides are here: slideshare.
The last thing I'd like to mention was organisation of this conference. It was first that big conference in Wrocław and I can really say that it went perfectly. Big thanks to organizers!