Hi, there are two things that I'd like to share with you.

How it's made: Clang C++ compiler

The first one is that I produced one more article for polish developers journal "Programista". This time it is about Clang C++ compiler - how does it work and what's under the bonnet. Unfortunately, it is in Polish, but I promise I'll try to write sth in English soon.

Besides my scribbles you can also find two other interesting articles in current release:

1. Lightweight and portable dispatcher implementation in C++14
This article was written by my workmate Bartosz Szurgot (blog). Not only it describes near-ideal implementation - it also gives some overview on performance issues (useful research, IMHO).

2. C++ Exceptions in details
This in turn is written by Gynvael Coldwind (blog), famous IT security engineer. It is worth reading if you'd like to see how C++ exceptions are really working - in deep details.


The second thing is my contribution to Code::Dive conference organised by Nokia. The conference is held in Wrocław and I'm going to speak about template metaprogramming in C++. You can find details on the official site.